Monday, March 9, 2009

More Pigeon River

“Love is the river of life in the world.” - Henry Ward Beecher

Thank you to Nature Lovin Super Mama for identifying this as the Pigeon River. For more information and great photos on the Pigeon River, I highly suggest you visit her blog by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

So very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shellmo! I think I found my nitch...actually, maybe I just needed a lil more encouragement. :D I will have to do some research soon on the PRC, just to get the facts straight...but that is just fine with me, I love this kind of stuff! Have great day:)

Anonymous said...

This is so pretty...My yard is a muck hole right now....sigh.. LOL

Darla said...

When does it stop snowing there?

Cedar ... said...

What a lovely spot to snowshoe,.. maybe stop there and eat a sandwich out of your backpack,.... peaceful.

Busy Bee Suz said...

gorgeous. looks like a nice spot for a picnic.

Ashley said...

Beautiful picture! Everything looks so peaceful and undisturbed.

bennie and patsy said...

That was my question, when will spring come? I do love your winter snow photos.

Tina said...

Shelley, Gorgeous capture, as usual..I do hope you might go back and capture some of these wonderful scenes in their spring and summer would be fun to witness their change!

Michele said...

Fantastic... it's a gorgeous photo.
I cannot get out to see the scenery around here because of the bitterly frigid temperatures!

The Retired One said...

I just found your blog. I live in Michigamme (a yooper in the U.P) in a log home on Lake Michigamme. (The REAL "NORTHERN" Michigan! LOL)I have some photos of the U.P. and birds, etc. on my blog called The Retirement Chronicles, located at

Would love it if you would drop in to my site!
I added myself as a follower of your blog....feel free to do the same if you like my blog!!!

Shannon said...

Very pretty, but I will be glad when the snow is gone...

Leedra said...

This one looks mysterious, and peaceful at the same time.

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Leedra said...

I agree with Darla - when does it stop snowing there?

Leedra’s Photos For Fun

Leedra’s Greeting Cards

Photography By Leedra

Shellmo said...

Mildred - thank you!

Nature Lovin - You have so much great information!! I love reading your blog!

Rambling - Our land at the cabin would be good for a mud football game!

Darla - I'm starting to think never! This week it snowed 8 inches in Traverse city.

Cedar - you have described the perfect day.

Busy Bee - I tried leaving a comment on your blog earlier but it wouldn't let me. I think google blogger sometimes has problems w/ the embedded comment format. I'll try again tomorrow - but just know I was there! :)

Ashley - isn't untouched snow the best?! :)

Benny & Patsy - well we had 8 inches the other day - I'm thinking Spring is 3 weeks away! P.S. I couldn't leave a comment on your blog either!! I'll keep trying!!

Tina - I'm definitely headed back this spring! I hope it hurries!

Michele - I wish I had some sunshine to send to you!! :-)

The Retired ONe - thank you so much for coming by! I'll be over to visit you!

Shannon - I echo your sentiments!!

Leedra - thank you and apparently never!