Saturday, March 29, 2008

Maple Syrup Day at Hartwick Pines State Park

I go to Hartwick Pines State Park at least every other month. It has 49 acres of old growth pines and a logging museum. I love the trails, hand feeding the chickadees and best of all - their events! They had their annual Maple Syrup Day on March 22nd. They took a group of us out into the Park and demonstrated how they drill into the tree and attach the bucket for sap. Unfortunately the cold season has lingered in Michigan so we didn't get to hear any sap drip into the bucket. By the way, did you know that it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup?! The hubby and I decided against trying to tap the trees on our property after we heard this - ha. Afterwards, we got to see them boil it down and then taste the syrup. We also purchased a pint of the Michigan based Korthase Bros. Maple Syrup. It was delicious on our pancakes the next morning. Hartwick is a great place to take the family.

Place: Hartwick Pines State Park in Grayling, MI

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Elk Viewing in Gaylord

Last weekend I visited Elk View Park located in Gaylord, Michigan. There the City of Gaylord has a fenced in elk herd with public viewing areas. They have about 50 elk and various deer and 1 lazy ram (my opinion because the whole hour I was there, the ram stood in the same place.) I stood on top of a snow mound to take pictures without the fence getting in the way. They are such massive animals with sweet faces. The elk and deer seemed very curious about the visitors, picking up there heads to look at you and come closer. One baby deer followed me the length of the fence while I was shooting photos. I thought it was a great opportunity to view wildlife at such a close range. Bring your camera!

Place: Elk View Park located on Grandview near downtown Gaylord.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Up North

My friends and family all know about my obsession with "Up North" (a.k.a. northern Michigan.) Every since I was a little girl, I could not wait to go Up North. I have memories of cozy cabins, bonfires, dipping toes into a cold lake and struggling to climb Sleeping Bear Dunes with my sister riding piggyback . When I reached my twenties, I became the ambassador for Up North. I dragged my friends to ski trips at Boyne Mountain, camping in 30 degree weather over Memorial weekend and riding bikes on Mackinac Island. And now everything is coming full circle as my husband and I are building a log cabin Up North. Northern Michigan has so much to offer to the outdoor enthusiast. Whether you're a hiker, skier, kayaker, or even just a family person - I want to show you all the great things to experience Up North.