Thursday, March 27, 2008

Elk Viewing in Gaylord

Last weekend I visited Elk View Park located in Gaylord, Michigan. There the City of Gaylord has a fenced in elk herd with public viewing areas. They have about 50 elk and various deer and 1 lazy ram (my opinion because the whole hour I was there, the ram stood in the same place.) I stood on top of a snow mound to take pictures without the fence getting in the way. They are such massive animals with sweet faces. The elk and deer seemed very curious about the visitors, picking up there heads to look at you and come closer. One baby deer followed me the length of the fence while I was shooting photos. I thought it was a great opportunity to view wildlife at such a close range. Bring your camera!

Place: Elk View Park located on Grandview near downtown Gaylord.


Winchuck River Store & Electric Powered Kayak said...

I love your blog! I was born in Three Rivers, MI and spent many vacations in upper Michigan! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I've been reading several books on rustic decor. I bet you would love the books also. You can email me at and I'll give you the list. Oh, we have elk my way too, on the Southern Coast of Oregon.

onedia said...

My husband spent a summer at Interlochen Arts Camp in High School and has wanted to go back for a very long time. He even suggested that we move there. So we hope that the gas prices aren't too high for a possible drive into northern Michigan this summer.

Shellmo said...

Winchuck - looking forward to your rustic decor book list - thanks!

Onedia - thank you for visiting! I hope you do have a chance to visit this summer. The gas prices are crazy!It's my dream to move permanently to northern michigan. We're currently building a log cabin in Gaylord.