Sunday, January 25, 2009

A small hidden creek


"Creeks and ponds are great, as long as they have water in them."
- Thomas Murphy

This is a small creek I discovered on our land. We are on a small lake so this creek was a nice surprise. I can't wait to see what spring brings. Can you see the 2 Mourning Doves hidden in the branches?


Anonymous said...

Very pretty and I did see the birds - I surprise myself sometimes! You'll have to give us an "after" photo in the spring!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful Shelley... There's nothing better than sitting beside a little creek!!!! Hope you can enjoy it come Spring!!!

Yes, I saw the doves...George got a picture yesterday of three doves sitting in the trees. They came out like a silhouette.


Country Girl said...

Yes, I can see them! And I am so glad your computer is working again.

Dawnie said...

Yep I found them! spring will bring many exciting things on your property.

Shellmo said...

Mildred - I am wishing that spring would hurry! :-)

Betsy - I agree! And I think the creek will be a big attractant for the ducks and birds!

Country Girl - I ended up buying a new computer today! They were unable to repair my other computer. I am hoping that my photos can be recovered off of it - wish me luck!

Dawnie - I am so tired of the cold!! Hurry spring!

Anonymous said...

What a great lil is going to look so lovly in the spring :D

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I see them - Nice shot & I'll look forward to some spring photos of the creek!

nonna said...

i think i saw the birds and also can't wait for a spring shot to compare to! as always, beautiful pic

spookydragonfly said...

I did see the doves...very pretty! We turned our creek into the pond. We still have some portions of the creek leading into and out of the pond. I'm looking forward to your spring photos, the trickling sound of a creek is so soothing, isn't it?

Darla said...

I believe I do see them, what a beautiful photo. I guess you have to be very careful walking around with so much snow and ice, I didn't think about the dangers that must be present with this type of weaher. I'll just stick to viewing the snow photos!!

Tina said...

Very pretty capture, Shelley. I do see the doves...but it looks very cold and chilling!

American Way Farm said...

Oh, just the mention of spring gets my heart all a-twitter. Especially with the bitter cold of about -30 last night. But the sun is shining bright today and it just might get up into the teens if we're lucky. Spring really is just around the corner. Great picture of the doves. -Sandy

Darla said...

Thanks for the comment on my Daffodils. No word on anything concerning the thugs that beat my son. Praying the cops are still investigating it. There have been a lot of home invasion around our town lately and even some store hold ups at gun point. Sounds very similar!!

Darla said...

I just posted a little on my son in my comments from my last post.

Anonymous said...

Very nice picture. I love all of the snow. It looks so pretty there. It looks so peaceful.

Alan said...

Your blog is filled with such amazing photos!! Thanks for sharing. I saw the doves too.

Leedra said...

I saw one right off, but I had to search for the other one.

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Knatolee said...

I love our creek. It amazes me what lives in it and visits it. In the warmer weather, we always seem to have a blue heron in there, plus the resident muskrats, ducks, geese etc. I would have loved a creek in my backyard when I was a kid! Enjoy! I wonder how how the water in yours will get in spring?

Anne Marie said...

I grew up in Michigan- loved it-
found you through House in the Roses! glad I did-
amazing photo of that eagle

Shellmo said...

nature lovin - thank you! I think we're going to have to trim some branches so I can see it without stumbling into it first. lol!

Tricia - Spring cannot get here soon enough for me! :)

Nonna - thank you!

Spooky - I would love a pond there! Now that sounds even more wonderful!

Darla - I'm always looking around when I'm tromping about in my snow shoes. Thank you for update on your son - he is in my prayers!

Tina - I think this is the longest cold spell that I can remember in my life!

sandy - I think getting thru January is the hardest part!

Charli - it is amazing how snow brightens up the landscape!

Alan - thank you so much for your kind words! I appreciate the visit too!

Leedra - I didn't even know either one of them was there until I blew up the picture.

Knatolee - I think our lake cycle should be rising so I hope that means more water in the creek!

Anne Marie - thank you for coming by! I went to your lovely blog as well!

A New England Life said...

I could see them in there but I wasn't sure what they were. New discoveries can be so nice.

Your header picture is a real show stopper! Wow!