Monday, October 27, 2008

The leaves have fallen

The leaves are falling rapidly in northern Michigan. This photo is of the adjacent vacant lot to our log cabin. It has a steep slope and not as much frontage on the lake so the city doesn't believe it will be a buildable lot. It's nice to think this wooded area will remain untouched and provide a nice habitat for the birds and animals.


Darla said...

You have to click to enlarge ya'll and then you really see the beauty of it all! Great photo, hope it remains natural.

2sweetnsaxy said...

It doesn't look like an empty lot. You could have said it was an open field. Nature at it's best. :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture. It's nice that they don't think anyone can build there. Guess what? You have been Boo-Ed! Come over to my place to see what you get.

Naturegirl said...

I can hear the crunch of the leaves under our feet as we walk along these woods! I have been to Northern Michigan and it is as you describe it!
I love your portrait that is how I love to see these beautiful deer resting in the sunlight NOT in the back of hunters trucks.

Shellmo said...

Darla - thank you for pointing that out - :-)

2Sweet - you're right - vacant lot doesn't seem right when it's full of beautiful trees!

Charli - thanks for the BOO!

Nature Girl - I count the minutes until we are back at our log cabin in n. mich on the weekends.